The Forest

The forest is a place to wander. Being absorbed in something bigger and older than yourself, you can follow a path and feel lost at the same time. The only way to go is to surrender to the senses. The sunlight through the leaves, the singing birds in the trees, the smell of wet moss, the taste of blueberries and the touch of the sweeping branches. You are here. In a constantly changing environment that breathes a calm rhythmic cycle of growth and decay. In this composition I try to catch the elusive feel of the forest. I let the forest overgrow my presence to find the equivalent of the contradicting forces of arousal and calmness. I found a place to listen to the whispers of the trees and let their branches carve their names in my skin.

Commissioned by Festival Blaues Rauschen for the project Forest and Sound 2021


Compositie en fieldrecordings: Marieke van de Ven
In opdracht van Festival Blaues Rauschen